Dear Cycle for Heroes Participant,

Registration is closed and fundraising is on fire!  We can’t wait to share this year’s event with you.  Here are your last minute – what to bring, where to park, what to wear, when to arrive -  instructions.

When to arrive:

Please remember that you are traveling to the Westside on a Friday afternoon.  Plan on giving yourself just a tiny bit more time to get to the pier.  We recommend an arrival time far before 6:30pm.  There will be food and drink and music and people to meet – if you arrive early, you can get situated, find your bike, make some friends, and start the party early.  Check-in starts at 5:00 so that you won’t miss the first amazing few minutes of the event – Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) and his guitarist Kirk Hellie playing the National Anthem LIVE!, the Tiger Squadron flyby, the Color Guard presenting the flags.  This is one event where being late is NOT fashionable.

Directions on how to get to the pier are available on the home page -

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes to ride in, and something dry to throw on after you ride.  If you have cycling shoes with the Delta LOOK clip or SPD clip – for sure bring those, but also pack a pair of tennis shoes just in case you get a bike that requires a cage.

Your camera phone is absolutely acceptable, necessary, and encouraged – remember #cycleforheroes - we encourage everyone to tweet @HeroesProjectUS and IG us freely @theheroesproject from your phones which will be shown live on our 2 big movie screens through Tagboard – but professional cameras will not be allowed inside of the venue in an effort to protect the privacy of our participants.

What if I didn’t make my bike goal?

Our amazing accountants at NKSFB will be at the pier to accept cash, credit card, and check donations.  If you have friends or family who are not registered, but would like to come and watch – there will be a $30 entry fee at the door – a small price to pay for inspiration, entertainment, Tender Greens cuisine, and free Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.  Anybody with a military or fire department ID can join us free of charge.  And your children can enter for free too – but we remind you that this is an adult event….on a pier….surrounded by the Pacific Ocean……please use common sense.  If you have questions regarding the actual event entry, please email before Friday morning – we will all be busy setting up the event and unable to assist you after 9:00am.

Our expectations of you on Friday –

We expect to see sweat on your smiling faces and your bodies on the bikes.  We ask that team captains coordinate their team schedules to keep that wheel hot the whole entire event, meaning you are in charge of making sure someone is on your bike at all times.  And we humbly (and with much respect) ask our individual participants to carb load, electrolyte balance, and mentally prepare themselves for the 3-hour ride ahead so that their bike doesn’t get lonely.   We honor our injured veterans’ tremendous efforts by showing up – and putting up.  So, commit that body of yours to actually riding that bike……for 3 hours.

Now it’s our turn.  We have spent a HUGE amount of time to deliver an event you will not forget.  We are incredibly proud of what we have in store for you.  Thank you for trusting us with your Friday night.  Your commitment to our injured soldiers, marines, firefighters, to our country, and to this cause humble us over and over again.  Fundraising is still open!  Let's CRUSH that goal.

Thank you from the bottom of our overly excited hearts –

JJ and Tim 

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